Using BeeBole has been simple. It has made all our time-tracking processes more efficient and easier to manage. The ability to manage the costs associated with our rapid growth was capital. We could see how growth could impact costs and plan correspondingly. BeeBole increased our productivity, billing rate and staff performance enabling better business decision-making. I would recommend it to anyone.

Aurélie Peters - Design Director @ AdGrafics

These Companies Know Where It Goes

We have been using BeeBole Timesheet now for several months and have found it very easy to use the timesheet system. Our large team of engineers have adapted to this new system quickly, so I have real-time project data on hand to help make the correct resourcing decisions. I would recommend BeeBole Timesheet system to anyone.

Chris Tickle, Technical Director from Texecom Ltd.

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More than 1000 companies of all sizes are using our timesheet app to optimize their strategy.

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BeeBole Timesheet: The Reviews

What do our customers say about the benefits of using our web timesheet system? We asked them and we're honored for their answers.

  • 'It didn't require a BS degree to get it work. And the support team is absolutely great: fast and attentive. Kudos.'

    Marc Schwinges, CEO at Underdog

  • 'I have been working all of my life with punches and sheets. Changing to BeeBole was like a breeze. I asked for a demo, and I was given a personalized training. Thanks so much.'

    Scott Collins, President at Aria Marketing

  • 'What I like most is the dashboard. I can see all employees hours at one glance, see who's clocked in or it's on breaks. Reminders and the rewarding points made it very easy for our team.'

    Gary Potterfield, M.D. at Vox Optima

  • 'We have several divisions in different locations and different managers. I think you rock with all the different access levels as well as the mass edit controls.'

    Przemyslaw Skrzek, CEO at Cohesiva

  • 'Our business is on the go, and it was a must that we could access all the data from the office, at home or on the road. It's been already 5 years and never had a problem with you.'

    Bill Westrick, Director at ZoomInfo

  • 'We have reduced workpaper by 95%! Big impact on our agenda and... big impact on the planet I guess!'

    Pashmina Lalchandani, President at FlowSimple

BeeBole Timesheet Features: More Than Time Tracking

  • Daily, weekly, monthly time-tracking
  • One-click timer for real-time time clock
  • Vacations and absences tracking
  • Automated reminders and approval flow
  • Mobile app that works offline
  • Flexible account levels and permissions
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Integrate with payroll, Google Suite, Office 365
  • Secure and DCAA/GDPR compliant

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Web Timesheets: Big Time Benefits

Used by companies of all sizes (large, medium, small and startups) and by all types (brick and mortar, online, agencies, contractors, remote teams), a timesheet system is the way to go to move a business ahead with real data, and not wild guesses on costs, workloads or estimations. The benefits of timesheets tools are varied and all of them have a direct impact on the business core:

  • Fair team management: It's time to move ahead from the 'control' aspect on time attendance -common to all time tracking tools- to the underlying -and many times forgotten- 'transparency' aspect. The fact of asking employees to enter time, like everyone else involved, levels out the importance of each manager, employee, freelancer or contractor and their contribution to the progress of a project. It's like saying: 'We all count. And you too'.
  • Accurate payroll management: Timesheets and payroll are a perfect match because time tracking allows you to pay your staff accurately and fairly for the amount of time they work. Time entries are sent for approval and you can easily manage the approval flow. Plus, a web timesheet tool like BeeBole Timesheet lets you integrate seamlessly time entries with payroll systems. Save heaps of time and headaches.
  • Agile project management: With a timesheet app like ours you can create your own mission control, your dashboard with KPIs, make adjustments to workflows and detect whether you're going over cost, reallocate resources, and be better prepared for new or unexpected tasks as well as for absences, leaves, and all sorts of contingencies.
  • Insightful project planning and estimation: This is the best mid and long term benefit of employee time tracking. Some time tracking systems, like ours, let you create not only timesheet reports on attendance but also reports about margin and profits. Business intelligence at a glance: understand your own estimations and make adjustments to future budgets.
  • Better communication with clients (very common for agencies): Timesheet reports, tasks and billable hours reassure your clients that their investment is being handled productively. Plus, at least with BeeBole Timesheet app, you can give them limited access to see what's going on whenever they need, so bye bye to never-ending email exchanges. Free up time to get things done.

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