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Employee time reports for business intelligence

Customizable dashboards with real-time timesheet data

employee time tracking app reports

Create custom reports on employee time, budget, margin and profit. Save them, print them and use them for audit purposes. For quick review, for billing, for auditing or to build trust with your clients, BeeBole Timesheet reports will save you time, as well as administrative costs. They are just one click away, 24/7 on any device.

Lost time is never found again: that's a Business Intelligence 101 lesson.

Customizable dashboards

Create your own KPIs dashboards. Set permission levels for each type of dashboard: assign reports to specific types of users, groups and projects.

With our employee time reports and margin-profit analysis, you'll get more accurate forecasts and better control budget burndown. Easily handle complex data sets to analyze trends and identify opportunities or challenges.

Custom reports and dashboards on BeeBole Timesheet

Export and integrations

Our reports are ready for all sorts of integrations, they can be exported to csv, pdf or Google Drive. You can also print them.

Get a professional-looking report with your logo and graphics, in just one click. No more manual spreadsheeting and cumbersome data collection. Save your time for your own business.

Export and integration of BeeBole Timesheets

Audit Trail for Timesheeting

Know precisely what has happened. The timesheet audit trail automatically logs all actions performed on a timesheet. Only admins and roles with permission can access this audit trail of a timesheet record.

Plus, our DCAA compliance means we strictly track everything as requested by the US Department of Defense.

timesheet for audit with Beebole

Flexible Employee Time Reporting

Visual insights on performance, profit and margins.

No credit card required

BeeBole Timesheet Features: More Than Time Tracking

  • Daily, weekly, monthly time-tracking
  • One-click timer for real-time time clock
  • Vacations and absences tracking
  • Automated reminders and approval flow
  • Mobile app that works offline
  • Flexible account levels and permissions
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Integrate with payroll, Google Suite, Office 365
  • Secure and DCAA/GDPR compliant

>> What our app can do for you <<

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