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Pioneers in web timesheet technology

Secure timesheet data, protected at all times

intro to our secure online timesheet technology

We were born in the cloud. Back in 2008 few timesheet companies were online, now we hold the competitive edge of pioneering in web timekeeping. As a cloud company we know how to work with risk-free secure technology only. BeeBole Timesheet app requires no installation, no maintenance and no IT costs. The system is always available 24/7 from any device (and we can boast about our 99,9% uptime here). Eliminate the need to collect paper time cards or to invest in in-house time clock software. Say bye to spreadsheeting or punch cards. Save time and worries for what's important.

Let us briefly walk you through the reasons why we are being trusted by so many companies, from small to large corporations, in terms of security and technology.

Strong Encryption

Data undergoes a 256 bit encryption, the same level of security used by online banks. Your data are never sent or received in plain-text. All application passwords are salted and hashed (SHA).


A backup of your BeeBole Timesheet account is taken every 8 hours. The last backup of the day is kept for a month. All encrypted and sitting in a physically separated location.

Physical Security

On a physical level, security at each facility where our servers are is made up of several layers. There is either a manned checkpoint or keycard access to get into the building itself. Once inside the building, there are several layers of physical security before actually reaching our equipment, including biometric fingerprint, handprint, retina scan, key card, and PIN numbers. All of our equipment is in locked cages. Your time is in safe hands, rest assured.

Software Security

In order to prevent outside threats and protect your data, we have everything that detects and protects unwanted intrusions with technologies such as firewalled servers, anti-virus, sensitive data encryption in the databases and SSL/TLS secured connection.

Network Security

We have our own internal monitoring solutions in place which alerts us about any issues that may arise and address them as quickly and efficiently as possible. We cannot disclose any specific information about these security implementations as this information could potentially be used to circumvent these systems, however you can rest assured that we take a proactive approach toward the security of our network.

Audit trail

We ensure your data is fully secure with yearly audit trails that allows you to find the exact history for each time record.

Backups and exports

No fear of missing data. On our side, we run daily backups in the servers so we can restore data points in a very timely manner. If you want to have a copy of your data or would like to use it elsewhere (spreadsheets, etc), all timesheets can be exported as CSV or PDF.

Worry-free online timesheets for the 21st century

Save time and worries for what's important. Your time is in safe hands.

No credit card required

BeeBole Timesheet Features: More Than Time Tracking

  • Daily, weekly, monthly time-tracking
  • One-click timer for real-time time clock
  • Vacations and absences tracking
  • Automated reminders and approval flow
  • Mobile app that works offline
  • Flexible account levels and permissions
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Integrate with payroll, Google Suite, Office 365
  • Secure and DCAA/GDPR compliant

>> What our app can do for you <<

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