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Timesheets for payroll, budget and cost analysis

Make every minute of every employee count

Cost control and payroll with BeeBole Timesheet app

Time is money. For some companies is also something more. Are your projects profitable? Are you going over budget? Time tracking is a must to know those answers, but a number doesn't make a report. With BeeBole Timesheet you can set rates and budgets and generate reports on profitability.

Budget tracking

Avoid going over budget. Set budgets and rates for your projects and track them in real time, no matter who’s working on it.

A snapshot on budget tracking with BeeBole Timesheet

Invoicing and payroll

Log billable hours by tasks, projects and clients to generate accurate invoices. You can integrate our timesheets with payroll software like Quickbooks and more.

Snaphot on invoicing and payroll features from BeeBole Timesheet

Cost control by projects

Gain insights into the costs for every project and its associated staff (employees, contractors, consultants, freelancers) and compare them to your estimates.

Snapshot on cost control with BeeBole Timesheet

Profitability reports

Make sure your projects actually return profit. Generate reports on your profit margins per project or client.

Profitability report example by BeeBole Timesheet

Know Where Your Money Goes

Optimize cost control and payroll integration with BeeBole Timesheet.

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BeeBole Timesheet Features: More Than Time Tracking

  • Daily, weekly, monthly time-tracking
  • One-click timer for real-time time clock
  • Vacations and absences tracking
  • Automated reminders and approval flow
  • Mobile app that works offline
  • Flexible account levels and permissions
  • Customizable dashboards and reports
  • Integrate with payroll, Google Suite, Office 365
  • Secure and DCAA/GDPR compliant

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