To view data on employee time, budgets, margins and profits you can use the "Report" and "Chart & Table" modules. Both modules can be used in your dashboard, or on any company, project, subproject, task, or employee page. You can add these modules by clicking "Customize" in the top right hand corner of your account. Drag and drop as many modules as you would like to create a customizable dashboard.

*Note that reports and charts are only available on the desktop version of Beebole.

Reports Module

Once you've added a report module, you may configure it by clicking "Change this report".

  1. Select the date range for the report.

  2. Select the type of information you want to display from the drop down menu. This can be working time, absences, both working time and absences, or absence quotas.

  3. Add, remove, and edit the columns you wish to include. There are over 40 types of available data to choose from. To remove a column, select the empty field in the drop down menu, or click the grid below the menu and drag it away from the module. Click and drag the same grid to change the order of the columns.

  4. Select the status of the recorded time that you would like to view. That is, hours that are in "draft", "submitted", "approved", "rejected", or "locked". 

  5. Give your report a name, which will be displayed as the module title.

Filtering Reports with Groups or Custom Fields

If you have previously created Groups in your account, you can filter data in a report by Groups using AND/OR conditions.

  1. Select "Add a Group or Custom Field".

  2. From the menu, select either an entire group folder, or any individual group within a folder.

  3. Continue to click on the selected groups to add as many additional filters as you'd like, using "AND" or "OR" conditions.

Refining a Report

If you use the "Report" module in a customer, project, subproject, or employee page, the data displayed will be specific to that entity. However, you can also refine a report by selecting any clickable entry.

For example, if you have a report showing multiple projects, clicking on one of them will further refine the report and show you the data only for the selected project.

Exporting Reports

Reports can be exported to PDF, CSV, or Google Drive Spreadsheet. Account administrators can use the Export Settings module to choose the PDF format, footer, and header for exported reports. Include your company address, logo, and more to create professional branded reports that you can share with clients and colleagues.

Chart & Table Module

With the Chart & Table module you can view timesheet data in easy to read graphs. Once you've added a Chart & Table module, you can select an existing standard report from the "Choose a report..." drop down menu, or create your own by selecting "Change this report". 

If you choose to create a custom report:

  1. Click "Change this report" in the module.

  2. Give your report a name.

  3. Select the status of the recorded time (draft, submitted, approved, rejected, or locked) and the type of information (working time, absences, or both) that you wish you display.

  4. Click "Add a step to drill down" to create the steps for your chart. In reality, each step is a report on its own. However, you can include as many steps as you'd like for a chart, with each being a more detailed view of the previous.

To configure each step:

  1. Choose the chart type from the first drop down menu (area, bar, column, pie, or table).

  2. Select the units (days, hours, costs, etc.) and the first data type (absences, companies, tasks, etc.) from the next two drop down menus.

  3. If you'd like, you may also choose a second data type from the "then split by" drop down menu. This is like a third axis with additional information, and can be added to any chart type except pie charts.

  4. To continue adding steps, click "Add a step to drill down" and repeat steps 1-3.

  5. Once you've configured the chart and clicked "run the report", you can modify the date range at the top of the module.

 Note that billing, costs, and profitability reports will only work if the billing methods and standard costs are correctly configured in your account.

Exporting Charts

Currently, you can only export the data displayed in a chart to a spreadsheet (CSV) format. To do so, select the CSV icon in the bottom right corner of the module.

Have More Questions about Reports and Charts?

If you have additional questions about using Beebole reports, check out our help documentation. You can also reach us via the chat icon in the bottom right corner of your account.

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