Please note that Beebole does not include a full expense management feature, but some types of expenses can be tracked to help manage costs.

Expenses at the project level (admins or supervisors)

Create a new branch to define the different expense types.

Create a new person within the newly created branch who will only track expenses (not time). Alternatively, you can use any existing user who does not track time. Make sure to mark this person as the only exclusive member for this branch. In this example we've created a user called Expenses Tracker.

Click on ​Customize​ and drag the ​Tasks​ module over to your screen. Click Add new task and create tasks for all of the different expense types you would like to track, such as Material rent or Permits.

Define costs

You can define the same cost per expense type for all projects at once:

  • Go to the newly created user (in this example, Expenses Tracker) by clicking on their name.

  • Click on Customize and drag and drop the Standard Cost module in your dashboard.

  • Define a rate per task.

You can also define costs individually per company:

  • Go to the company you want to track expenses for.

  • Add a new project called Expenses.

  • Make sure you define the "Expense" user as the Exclusive Member of this project.

  • Create the list of expenses by adding them as specific tasks for this project.

  • Define rates at the task level.

Track expenses

Go to the page of the "Expense" user you created and use the Timesheet module to add the corresponding expenses.

Update your reports to include billing information.

Separate Expenses from Working time

You can use ​Groups​ and filters to display all billing or differentiate between expenses and working time. This is an example on how to proceed

Define a group category to differentiate between working time and expenses (Settings >> Groups)

Go to the different elements and use the Groups modules to categorize them as Expense or Working time.

Finally, in your reports, you can filter time entries by using those groups

Define expenses at the employee level

It's possible to define additional tasks to track expenses and let employees include those in their own timesheets. However, bear in mind in this case that a timesheet showing total hours will include working time and expenses mixed together. Nevertheless, you can easily configure a report with filters that differentiate between working time and expenses and add it to your employees' dashboards.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information and to check whether the above (limited) expenses functionality might work for you.

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