Follow these steps to update your Excel with information coming from Beebole, directly from Excel.

Install the Add-in

Select the option Insert >> Office Add-ins.

Search for the Beebole Add-in in the store. Click on Add.

Click on Continue to accept the service terms.

Connect to your Beebole account

Click on the Beebole icon that should be now displayed on your Home tab.

You should see a popup asking for your API token. If it does not appear automatically, you can click on the lower right Update API Token button.

Using your favorite browser, go to your Beebole account ( Make sure you are on your home page (click on the upper left home icon otherwise.

Then click on Customize and drag the API Token module to your screen(*).

Copy the Base64 token. Go back to the Excel popup and paste it in the corresponding box. Click on Done.

(*) The API might be disabled in your account. An administrator can enable it via Settings >> Account >> Enable/Disable API calls.

Get data from Beebole

Use the hand right frame to select your reporting data, the same way you would customize your report in Beebole. Then click on Refresh data

The sheet called Results will be updated with the corresponding data. Please note that you might be to click on the tab to see the results, but if you have links to that sheet, those will be automatically updated.

Please note this is still a Beta version. Do not hesitate to contact us with any issue or suggestion you may find.

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